Multiple Vulnerabilities in Pulse Secure VPN – 17.10.201917/10/2019Множество-уязвимости-в-Pulse-Secure-VPN-–-17.10.2019New
The CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC) has released information on multiple vulnerabilities affecting Pulse Secure Virtual Private Network (VPN).
VMware Releases Security Update for Harbor Container Registry for PCF – 17.10.201917/10/2019VMware-публикува-ъпдейти-за-защита-на-Harbor-Container-Registry-за-PCF-–-17.10.2019New
VMware has released a security update to address a vulnerability affecting Harbor Container Registry for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).
WordPress Releases Security Update – 16.10.201916/10/2019WordPress-публикува-ъпдейт-за-защита-–-16.10.2019New
WordPress 5.2.3 and prior versions are affected by multiple vulnerabilities.
Oracle Releases October 2019 Security Bulletin 16/10/2019Oracle-публикува-бюлетина-за-сигурност-за-м.-октомври-2019New
Oracle has released its Critical Patch Update for October 2019 to address 219 vulnerabilities across multiple products.
Adobe Releases Security Updates for Multiple Products – 16.10.201916/10/2019Adobe-публикува-ъпдейти-за-защита-на-множество-продукти-–-16.10.2019New
• Experience Manager
• Acrobat and Reader
• Experience Manager Forms
• Download Manager
Juniper Networks Releases Security Updates – 14.10.201914/10/2019Juniper-Networks-публикува-ъпдейти-за-защита-–-14.10.2019
Juniper Networks has released security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in various Juniper products.
Google Releases Security Updates for Chrome – 14.10.201914/10/2019Google-публикува-ъпдейт-за-защита-на-Chrome-–-14.10.2019
Google has released Chrome version 77.0.3865.120 for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Intel Releases Security Updates – 10.10.201910/10/2019Intel-публикува-ъпдейти-за-защита-–-10.10.2019
• Active System Console Advisory
• Smart Connect Technology for Intel
• NUC Advisory
Apple Releases Security Updates – 09.10.201909/10/2019Apple-публикува-множество-ъпдейти-за-защита-–-09.10.2019
• iCloud for Windows 7.14
• iCloud for Windows 10.7
• iTunes 12.10.1 for Windows
• macOS Catalina 10.15
Microsoft Releases October 2019 Security Updates09/10/2019Microsoft-публикува-ъпдейтите-за-защита-за-октомври-2019
Microsoft has released updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in Microsoft software.
Vulnerabilities Exploited in Multiple VPN Applications – 07.10.201907/10/2019Уязвимости-в-множество-VPN-приложения-–-07.10.2019
Palo Alto
Pulse Secure
Cisco Releases Security Updates – 04.10.201904/10/2019Cisco-публикува-ъпдейти-за-защита-–-04.10.2019
Cisco has released security updates to address vulnerabilities affecting multiple Cisco products.
Microsoft Re-Releases Security Updates – 04.10.201904/10/2019Microsoft-публикува-нови-версии-на-ъпдейти-за-сигурност-–-04.10.2019
Microsoft has re-released security updates to address a vulnerability in Microsoft software.
Exim Releases Security Update – 03.10.201903/10/2019Exim-публикува-ъпдейти-за-защита-–-03.10.2019
Exim has released a security update to address a vulnerability affecting Exim versions 4.92 to 4.92.2.
Apple Releases Security Updates – 03.10.201903/10/2019Apple-Releases-Security-Updates-–-03.10.2019
macOS Mojave 10.14.6 Supplemental Update 2, Security Update 2019-005 High Sierra, and Security Update 2019-005 Sierra
watchOS 5.3.2
iOS 12.4.2
iOS 13.1.1 and iPadOS 13.1.1
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