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Intel Releases Security Advisories on Multiple Products - 18.03.2019

Intel has released security updates and recommendations to address vulnerabilities in multiple products. An attacker could exploit some of these vulnerabilities to take control of an affected system.

CERT Bulgaria recommends users and administrators to review the Intel Product Security Center Advisories page, apply the necessary mitigations, and refer to software vendors for appropriate patches, when available.


Intel® Accelerated Storage Manager in RSTe Advisory - INTEL-SA-00231

Intel® USB 3.0 Creator Utility Advisory - INTEL-SA-00229

Intel® Software Guard Extensions SDK Advisory - INTEL-SA-00217

Intel® Matrix Storage Manager Advisory - INTEL-SA-00216

Intel Firmware 2018.4 QSR Advisory - INTEL-SA-00191

Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows* 2018.4 QSR Advisory - INTEL-SA-00189

Intel® CSME, Server Platform Services, Trusted Execution Engine and Intel® Active Management Technology 2018.4 QSR Advisory - INTEL-SA-00185

Intel® OpenVINO™ 2018 for Linux Advisory - INTEL-SA-00222

Intel® Data Center Manager SDK Advisory - INTEL-SA-00215

Intel® Unite Privilege Escalation Advisory - INTEL-SA-00214

Intel® USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver Advisory - INTEL-SA-00200

Intel® PROSet Wireless Driver Denial of Service Advisory - INTEL-SA-00169